Ricochet Reveals Who He’d Like To Face At WWE WrestleMania 38


As of this writing, WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet doesn’t have a match set for WrestleMania 38, but he has several opponents in mind.

During a recent appearance on “WWE Deutschland”, the IC Champ commented on who he’d like to face at the big pay-per-view event. He said,

“I mean there’s so many. If I had a list of people, it’s crazy. The first person that pops into my mind is Apollo. Obviously, anybody on the roster. I know at the moment, SmackDown is kinda full with like Drew [McIntyre] and [Happy] Corbin, obviously Roman’s got a match. Shinsuke has a match. All these guys, they’re kinda in a spot. As far as SmackDown goes, everybody is kinda in a spot already.

“But, there is so many people. Cedric would be a good one. Ali would be a good one. Obviously, Rey Mysterio would be a good one. Seth Rollins would be a good one. That’s the thing about the roster nowadays, between Raw and SmackDown, its like.. We got the best people. You could have a list of names on the wall and take a dart and throw it at the wall and like whoever you land on, especially with me, it’s gonna be a good match. You can’t go wrong.”

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