Ricochet Sends A Message To Mustafa Ali, Ali Responds (Video)


Ricochet took to Twitter today, posting a new video where he reveals his plan to beat Mustafa Ali. In the video, he said,

“One man cannot create change. It takes many. Nothing will change unless you are willing to change. Isn’t that right, isn’t that what you told me, Ali? Mustafa Ali. See, listen man, I get it. I understand everything that you’re trying to say. I get it, I understand, because there have been times where I too have felt abandoned by this system, by this corrupt, this failed system. I understand everything that you’re trying to say… and there have been times, man, there have been times where I have wanted to do what you’re doing right now. And at first I thought maybe I could change your mind, maybe I could save you from going down that path of self destruction. But the more I sat and thought about it, the more I understand that I don’t need to save you, I need to be better than you: in the ring, out of the ring, I need to surpass you, and that… that will prove that you’re going about this the wrong way. And how to do that? I guess it starts with me kicking you in the head. I’ll see you soon, Ali. I’ll see you soon.”

Ali replied with the following,

“My old friend. My mercy won’t last forever.”

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