Ricochet Shares Message To WWE Universe On Fan Etiquette, Charlotte Flair News


WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet recently tweeted a message to the WWE Universe as he spoke about fan etiquette. He said,

“Let me be clear. If you and a group of people are waiting in the lobby of my hotel, or in the check-in area at the airport at 4-5 am (sometimes earlier) in the morning, to ask for multiple autographs, is such an invasion of privacy. I will be the FIRST person to say no. However, If you happen to see me out & about somewhere please come say hi & chat! I love interacting, just don’t wait in the lobby of where we are staying. Don’t wait & hoard us in the check-in areas at the airport etc. Treat us with respect and respect is what you will receive.”

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently appeared on the Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker podcast as they discussed the ending to the movie: “Independence Day”.

You can check out that clip below:

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