Riddle Chooses His Most “Unforgettable Moment” In WWE


WWE RAW Tag Team Champion Riddle has said that his NXT fight pit match against Timothy Thatcher is his most unforgettable moment with the company.

Riddle joined WWE in 2018 and has held gold in both NXT and RAW, currently in his second tag team title reign with Randy Orton.

When asked by the Catch Club podcast what his most unforgettable moment in WWE has so far been, the “Original Bro” didn’t hesitate, saying:

“Fight pit match when I kicked Tim Thatcher’s teeth out of his mouth and Kurt Angle picked them up. There was a lot going on, I kicked the dude’s teeth out of his mouth and Kurt Angle was there. I was like, I got this Legend, I kicked this guy’s teeth, and it was the first-ever fight pit. Which, even though I lost, I still think it’s one of the best matches in WWE right now and I wish they would use it more.”

The May 2020 match would see Thatcher get the win in what many considered to be a huge upset.

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