Riddle Recalls Accidentally Breaking A Fan’s Glasses With His Flip Flops


During a recent appearance on the “Outkick 360” podcast, WWE Superstar Riddle recalled a time where he accidentally broke a fan’s glasses after he did his usual kicking off of his flip-flops during his ring entrance.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On accidentally breaking a fan’s glasses: “One time, this was back when I was still in NXT. We were doing a house show, so the guard rails are a little closer to the ring. I kicked off the flops, and usually they go over the top rope and float down, but for some reason, the left foot flew off sooner and it kind of darted out the bottom rope and middle rope, in between them. There was an elderly woman sitting front row and it cracked her right in the face and broke her glasses. I felt so bad because she couldn’t see the match and I broke her glasses. Usually security, they take my flip-flops from the fans. I get them back because they are hard to come by. This ain’t a John Cena sweatband, they’re premium flops. The flop cracked an elderly lady, broke her glasses. She was a good sport about it and I let her keep the flip-flops. ‘Do you want to keep them? I’m so sorry.’ She kept them, I brought the action to the outside, gave the guys some hits in front of her, get her into the action. I felt bad. That’s the worst one I’ve seen in person.”

On briefly losing his flip flops in England: “One time, I was in England at Wembley Arena, I kicked my flops off. I went to the back and they weren’t there. ‘Security, did you guys get my flip flops?’ ‘No, you kicked them too far.’ ‘Those are my only flip flops.’ It’s downpouring rain in London, England and I have no shoes. I sent out a tweet, ‘Hey, please, if you have my flip-flops, give them to security. I don’t have any other shoes.’ Luckily, Twitter helped, security helped, they made an announcement too, but they didn’t make an announcement until later, which kind of sucked. Eventually, I got both my flip-flops back.”

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