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Riddle Reveals The Differences Between Teaming With Pete Dunne & Randy Orton


During a recent appearance on the “Catch Club” podcast, WWE Superstar Riddle commented on the differences between working with Pete Dunne and Randy Orton in WWE, his dynamic with both men, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his tag teams with Pete Dunne and Randy Orton: “I’ll say this, tagging with Pete in NXT, or Butch, he has a wealth of experience in wrestling. He’s from the UK, he’s been wrestling since, I think, 14. He’s been doing it forever, and before I tagged with him, I rarely did tag matches and even when I did, it was with Jeff Cobb and we were on the indies. We were the Chosen Bros, and we dominated but we were two singles wrestlers. And when me and Pete joined up, we were still two strong singles wrestlers but Pete has a mind for tag team wrestling and multi-man matches. So then, I started picking Pete’s brain and started learning different sequences, learning different kinds of layers or layouts to put a match in. So, that’s what I learned from Pete.

“But then, with Randy, I learned how to do less and get the most out of it. Like, I think the last person that interviewed me said, you know, you get beat up, and you do this, and the crowd’s going crazy for Randy. Then you finally tag him and all Randy has to do is boom, boom, boom and then the crowd goes crazy, that’s what they’re waiting for. But when I tagged with Pete, I would have never had that kind of hot tag. It would have been — we would have received a pop and done a bunch of moves, but it doesn’t have the same build, you know? And that’s something Randy has really taught me how to do is how to build something, how to, like, tell that story because if you do it right, you can do a lot less work and get way more of a reaction from it.”

On his dynamic with both men: “I did it for Pete, Pete did it for me, Randy does it for me — my job in this business is to make your, especially my partner’s, life easy. So if I can do anything to make Randy happy or make his life or job easier, I’ll do it, especially if it’s not hard for me. So sometimes, I do a little bit of extra work and stuff like that, but I know that at the end of the day, the juice is worth the squeeze, you know? Even if I get slammed a couple of times, I know, at the end of the day, what’s coming. You know what I’m saying?”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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