Riddle Says He & Goldberg Talked At Crown Jewel, Believes They Are In A Better Place


During a recent interview with Talksport, Matt Riddle commented on his conversation with Goldberg while on the airplane coming back from WWE’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view event in Saudi Arabia.

According to Riddle, he believes they are in a better place now. He said,

“No, I think people hate me even more now I’m with Randy. ‘This son of a b**** thinks he’s untouchable now’ [laughs]. I try to tell Vince and other people, it’s part of my persona. It’s part of what makes me popular. I’m legit, I’ve fought in the UFC. Anyone can test me anytime. Everybody here knows I can throw down and I’m going to talk s***. It’s one of those things where I can’t change that. I talk trash. For me, isn’t that my job? Make people care about what we’re doing and talk trash so people say ‘oh man, I’d watch that fight!’ or is it real? That’s my job, that’s what I do. And it rubs some people the wrong way. But at the end of the day, even Bill [Goldberg] and maybe one day a certain Beast, they come to understand what I’m trying to do. Bill and I had a conversation. It was like ‘Bill, I’m sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way’ on the way back from Saudi Arabia. We were on the plane, had a couple of cocktails. I’m not saying we’re best friends, but we are doing way better than we were. I think just us talking and seeing him work [longer matches this year], you just get to know somebody and understand them. He’s like me; if you just listen to the dirt sheets or watch me do interviews, you might hate me [laughs]. But in real life, I’m a pretty nice guy. I talk crap, but that’s just to drum up interest. He realizes that – I think we’re all good.“

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