Riddle Touted As “World Championship Material” By WWE Hall Of Famer


WWE RAW Superstar Riddle has been praised as “championship material” by WWE Hall of Famer and AEW performer Mark Henry.

Riddle, a former WWE United States, RAW and NXT Tag Team Champion, has been pushed heavily as of late as part of a feud with The Bloodline.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Henry considered the Original Bro a future top star in WWE.

“Championship material. That’s what he is. World Heavyweight Championship material because people feel for him, people love him…it’s hardest thing in the wrestling business to get, it’s sympathy and affection. Now you can have Riddle not do the scooter. You can always have Riddle dial stuff back and say, you know what, it says it in the Bible. Once I was a child and did childish things and then I grew up and act as a man and put away childish things. We always say wrestling is the Bible, it’s good vs. evil. It’s simply psychology.”

Riddle has promised to confront The Bloodline on this Friday’s SmackDown.

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