Rikishi Talks Car Accident On Last Night’s RAW: “It Wasn’t Me This Time”


Solofa Fatu, Jr. has been known for many things throughout his wrestling career: a head shrinker, the man who wanted to make a difference, a sultan, and a dancing big man. But the former Rikishi (as he was known in the WWE) is most well-known for his vehicular-related stories in WWE, chiefly when he ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin for The Rock at Survivor Series 1999. But last night’s car accident on RAW was not the Hall of Famer’s fault, and he felt the WWE Universe needed to know.

Last night’s episode of RAW featured an episode-long angle that centered around a car accident backstage. The car crash backstage seemed to lead into the reappearance of Dexter Lumis on WWE television at the close of the show. In case anyone had their suspicions, Rikishi took to Twitter to assure people that he wasn’t the wheelman this time.

You can check out Rikishi’s tweet below:

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