Ring Of Honor COO Would Be Interested In Bringing Back Daniel Bryan


SmackDown Live Commissioner Daniel Bryan has teased returning to Ring of Honor once his contract with WWE expires next year. Bryan, who was forced to retire last year due to his history with concussions, has talked about wrestling again in the past. Whether that be in WWE or in another promotion.

In an interview with Fansided, Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff made it very clear the promotion would be happy to welcome back the former ROH World Champion. Here is what he had to say:

“Well I don’t think it’s any secret, and all the previous ROH wrestlers know, that they are always welcome back in Ring of Honor. This is their home, so to speak,” Koff said. “We never chided anybody for leaving for what they thought were greener pastures. And look, a lot of them have succeeded on a far greater platform than we could have provided them at the time.  So if Bryan Danielson would love to come back, I didn’t work with him personally while he was here, but I would personally welcome him back.”

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