Ring Of Honor Shines A Spotlight On PCO


PCO is experiencing a resurgence in his career. The 50-year-old former Jean Pierre Laffite just signed on with ROH, and the company has shined a spotlight on PCO in a new feature on their website. The following is an excerpt from a great feature by former WWE writer, Kevin Eck:

Pierre Carl Ouellet wrestled for the WWF and WCW for the majority of the 1990s and was a three-time WWF Tag Team Champion, but he would spend the ensuing decade away from mainstream pro wrestling in the United States, competing primarily in his native Canada as well as Europe and Puerto Rico.

After retiring from the ring in 2010, he disappeared from the sport entirely for six years. As far as the wrestling industry was concerned, Pierre Carl Ouellet was dead and buried.

He quietly made his return to the ring in 2016 for independent promotions in Quebec, but he was not on anyone’s radar in America. Until this past spring, that is.

On April 6, PCO emerged in New Orleans, which was the epicenter of the wrestling world that week. Wrestling on an independent show promoted by wrestler Joey Janela, PCO defeated heralded Austrian wrestler WALTER in a wild, hard-hitting bout that was one of the most talked-about matches that weekend.

Wrestling fans were astonished to learn that the physical freak of nature doing moonsaults from the top rope to the floor and exchanging jarring strikes with WALTER was the same guy who had wrestled under the guise of being a Canadian Mountie and a pirate more than 20 years prior.

Just like that, PCO became one of the most sought-after wrestlers on the independent circuit. Contributing to the buzz surrounding PCO was a series of bizarre YouTube videos that told the fantastical story of his return.

One of the videos shows the mysterious Destro in a cemetery digging up what presumably is PCO’s corpse. PCO has described Destro, who spews black gunk from his mouth when he speaks, as a “special entity.” According to PCO, “The Dalai Lama and Shaolin Monks fear [Destro] and cannot explain him.”

In another video, Destro resurrects PCO by sending volts of electricity through his body. As part of the reanimating process, Destro drives a 4½ inch nail through PCO’s nose and funnels what appears to be blood into PCO’s mouth.

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