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NewsRoad Dogg Comments On A Possible All-Women's Show In WWE

Road Dogg Comments On A Possible All-Women’s Show In WWE



Ever since the women’s revolution kicked into high gear in WWE, many have wondered if an all-women’s show could happen in the near future.

In 2018, fans were treated with the first-ever all-women’s WWE pay-per-view event with Evolution which featured the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Trish Stratus, and Ronda Rousey. Although the event was considered a success by many, there hasn’t been any news on a possible sequel or a weekly television show featuring just the women on the roster.

On the latest episode of his Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg Jesse James spoke about whether an all-women’s weekly show could happen soon. According to Road Dogg, it’s just a matter of whether someone wants to buy it. He said,

“I think there’s totally room for an all-women show, you know what I mean?,” he said. “I think there has been for a while now. It just — who wants to buy that? And maybe that’s something in the future that we could talk about in TV sales. But I just think there’s an [opportunity]. Look, there’s definitely enough talent to have an all-women’s two-hour show on ‘blah [network], whatever, you know what I mean? I think you could totally do that.”

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