Road Dogg Discusses His Armstrong Family Name, Making His Way Without It


WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events, Brian James (Road Dogg) belongs to the famous Armstrong wrestling family. The son of Bob Armstrong and brother of Scott, Brad, and Steve Armstrong, Road Dogg recently reflected on moving away from his family name during his rise in the wrestling business.

On last week’s episode of the “Oh You Didn’t Know?” podcast, Road Dogg discussed the history of his Armstong family name.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On moving away from the Armstrong name: “I feel I’m torn about that still too, to be quite honest with you. I was proud of being Brian Armstrong, 100 percent. But that’s not who they wanted up there… It just wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t written in that way.”

On being proud of both his name and going his own way: “Look, no question about it, I got into this business because my last name was Armstrong. Now, I think I made something of myself in this industry not under the name Armstrong. So I’m proud of that too.”

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