Road Dogg Is Sorry He Took Jeff Jarrett’s WWE Job


Speaking on his Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE Vice President of Live Events Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James has said he’s ‘sorry’ for taking Jeff Jarrett’s role in the company.

Jarrett was appointed Senior Vice President of Live Events in May, only to be let go in August and James took over the position shortly after.

“Look, you can be doing your job, and one day someone might not like it, and the next day you’re not there.”

Conrad Thompson noted that Jarrett used the same line after his most recent release. Road Dogg responded with, “[Laughs] Bless his heart, I’m so sorry. It hurts me when you say that. But I bet it hurts him a hell of a lot more. [Laughs] I’m so sorry Jeff”.

Jarrett has since signed with AEW where he works as both an on-screen performer and backstage as Director of Business Development.

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