Road Dogg: Mick Foley Was The Right Pick As The First WWF Hardcore Champion


Mick Foley was the correct choice to be the first WWF Hardcore Champion, according to fellow WWE Hall of Famer ‘Road Dogg’ Jesse James.

Foley was awarded the championship in 1998 by Mr. McMahon, who was using the talented but naive Mankind for his own villainous plans.


On a recent episode of “Oh… You Didn’t Know,” Road Dogg explained why Foley was the right choice. He said,

“It’s the obvious choice, right? It’s a no-brainer to me. If you’re going to give this title to somebody, it’s somebody who has deserved it, who has put their body through hell for the viewer, but for himself, too.

“So, he was the guy to give it to. He was the king who had the head on to which you put that crown, and so that’s why he was crowned ‘King of Hardcore’ with that new hardcore title.”

Foley’s first reign would also be his only reign and he would lose the title to the Big Boss Man, ending his reign at 28 days.

Road Dogg would become the third champion, defeating the Boss Man in December 1998 and would hold the gold for 61 days.

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