Road Dogg Reacts To Criticism Over Him Saying Bret Hart Wasn’t A Great Wrestler


Road Dogg shocked a lot of fans when he stated that he didn’t think WWE Hall of Famer Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was a great wrestler. The former New Age Outlaw member made the comment on a recent episode of his “Oh…You Didn’t Know” podcast. He later posted a video responding to all of the negative feedback from his comments about Hart.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On people saying that he was just trolling people: “You know, I didn’t mean to stir it up. And that’s the truth. People are saying, ‘He’s just trolling, he’s just trolling.’ No, Glenn Gilbertti, Disco Inferno trolls. Like, I’ve seen his Twitter account, he trolls. These are my legitimate feelings that I thought I put out there as honestly as I could,. but it’s apropos that this may be out on election day, because like this go-around with the midterms, everyone’s going crazy. And I feel like it’s bled over into Wrestling Twitter as well.”

On his statement that he didn’t think Hart was a great wrestler: “That is fair to say [that he said that]. I feel that way today, even though everybody has been really angry at me on Twitter. I still feel the same way, but it — like I said, it’s just my opinion. Like, it’s not meant to take anybody’s business… I didn’t mean to take anybody’s livelihood away from them, or hurt their feelings or offend anyone. But look, that’s the that’s the — hyperbole is the verbiage of of the day. And everything is the best or the worst, and and today I’m the worst and so I’m sorry. I’m sorry I shared an opinion on a platform I was given to share my opinion.”

On his statement that he was a better sports entertainer than Hart: “I just think as an entertainer, if you asked me to go out there and entertain a crowd, I would have different ways to do that than grappling and wrestling. That’s what I meant by that. And I stand by that right now. And if you disagree with that then cool, we can have a conversation. I don’t think it’s an argument worth having because nobody wins or loses, but it’s just my opinion. And I’m sorry that my opinion has caused me to trend on Twitter, but the one thing I can say is, thank you for listening because surely you listened to the entire — what was it, hour and 45 minutes of every word I said to make sure you understood my message clearly. Surely you listened to it before you commented on Twitter. Oh, you didn’t and I should stop calling you Shirley? Got it.”

On his difference in wrestling philosophy with Hart: “I think, I said this too, and I’m not sure but Steve Kaufman said like, ‘You and him just see wrestling differently.’ And it was like, ‘Holy mackerel, it’s so simple yet it was so deep to me, profound to me. Because I thought, ‘Man, that’s it.’ Bret and I have totally opposite philopshies on wrestling. I love the gaga, I love the sports entertainment. I don’t love so much the ground game. And I don’t think I’m in the minority when I say that. Look, I also stated Bret was the most over guy, the first over guy I ever saw. And holy mackerel, it blew my mind that a wrestler could be that over.”

On the reaction to his comments: “I said a lot of things on this podcast that I feel like if people gave it their time — and look, I’m not giving you clickbait, don’t click, I don’t give crap. If you’re interested, which you’re taking time out of your day to comment on social media about how stupid I am, well that’s cool. I am pretty stupid, I’ll be honest with you. I did a lot of dope and got hit in the head with chairs a lot. I don’t have very good common sense. However, I’ve been doing this a minute, and I feel it’s okay for me to share my opinion. But if it’s not, please let me know. But you took the time to comment on Twitter. Give it a listen. Give that one he mentioned a second ago, go back in the archives and find out the Montreal Screwjob episode, and give it a listen. Look, you’re going to disagree with a lot of things I say. But surely you’ll understand and identify that I’m saying it with respect and from an honest place. if you don’t, you’re the bad guy in this situation, not me. I just shared my opinion. If you ain’t down with that, I got two words for ya, suck it.”

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