Road Dogg says Dusty Rhodes was upset over Cody's moonsault spot in WWE

Road Dogg Reacts To The Gunns Using His Punches, DX Taunt


In recent months, The Gunns have been using Road Dogg’s famous “Shake Rattle & Roll” punches during their AEW matches. Additionally, the sons of Billy Gunn have also been doing the DX “Suck It” taunt.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer gave his thoughts on his gimmick being used in WWE’s rival promotion. He said,


“You know what he [Austin] needs to do then, just make it his own. And find out what is smooth and what is not rickety, you know what I mean? I think there is something to that. I think he should have been establishing it all along and making minor tweaks as he went.”

As far as the “Suck It” taunt is concerned, Road Dogg said, “Why not? Not like they are stealing something. Their dad was in the god-darn thing. Not like the Bullet Club, you know what I mean, whoever. I’m not throwing shade at them, everybody’s done suck it.”

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