Road Dogg Reveals Why People Feared Vince McMahon


On the latest edition of his Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast, former WWE backstage producer Road Dogg spoke about why he believes people ended up fearing Vince McMahon.

You can check out some of the highlights from the podcast below:

On telling Vince that people were scared of him: “I’ve had this conversation with Vince, and he made me look at it differently. I told him, ‘Everybody’s scared to death of you sir.’ And he said ‘Well that’s on them, because I’ve never done anything to scare anybody.”

On his own reaction to that exchange: “And I thought about it, like — he hasn’t he’s never beat anybody up, he never threw his phone at anybody, he never yelled at — I never heard him, you know, throw anything or jack anybody up against the wall. So ‘Is his presence terrifying?’ is the question I had to ask myself. And the answer is, ‘yes.’ So, my point being, he led by fear but he didn’t mean to. That’s a crazy thought and it just popped into my head for the first time right then. He didn’t mean to, he just had that powerful and aura.

“And I think … look, if you went to England and went in the king’s house and you had to do a few things differently, you’d just go ‘Oh, because it’s we’re at the king’s house.’ But since it’s just Vince you go like, ‘Oh he’s eccentric, he’s a weird dude,’ you know what I mean? And no, he’s just the king … it’s good to be the king. And again, I don’t think he meant to scare anybody. I think people are just, to this day I think people are terrified of him because he has that powerful aura and he he carries himself in a way.”

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