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NewsRoad Dogg Talks The 'Reality' Of The Iron Claw, Alex Hammerstone News

Road Dogg Talks The ‘Reality’ Of The Iron Claw, Alex Hammerstone News



The Iron Claw film on the Von Erich family was released last week and touches on the topics of mental health and substance abuse.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast, Road Dogg commented on the reality involved in the movie. He said,

“It’s reality, right? With the father they had and the father I had, I would imagine they were cut from similar cloths, and you didn’t talk about your God darn feelings, you know what I mean? Just recently have we learned — oh, dudes can do that? That’s cool?”

The film has grossed $18.2 million to date.

Alex Hammerstone, who became a free agent at the end of last year, says it’s “hunting season.”

Taking to Twitter, the former MLW wrestler posted a video where he discussed his future goals. He said,

“I was never a big fish in a small pond. I have always been a shark. Now, I’m in open waters, and it’s hunting season.”

Hammerstone is set to appear at GCW’s upcoming event on February 3rd.

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