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NewsRoad Dogg Talks Triple H Taking The Helm For WWE Creative

Road Dogg Talks Triple H Taking The Helm For WWE Creative



Following Vince McMahon’s sudden retirement on July 22nd, one of the most discussed talking points was Triple H assuming control of WWE’s creative. One of his DX stablemates and fellow WWE Hall of Famer expressed his feelings about the move on a recent podcast.

Road Dogg spoke on his “Oh…You Didn’t Know” podcast about Triple H assuming the reins of WWE creative. He said, “You can call me biased, you can call me whatever you want to, but since [Triple H] took over, Raw, the go-home Raw, and Saturday night were a huge success in my eyes. You thought you were going to get a rematch like you’ve seen before and here came Brock Lesnar on a stinking tractor with a forklift on it, you know what I mean? Like, what in the world? So, look – I think they moved forward in a huge way, and I think they made the fans happy. I didn’t hear anyone say anything negative about the show.”

The “rematch” was referring to the Last Man Standing match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE World Championship. Previous matches between the two men followed a very similar match structure with lots of big moves and finishers, multiple signature spots, and a consistent pattern of execution, all with McMahon at the controls of creative. But now that the “King of Kings” has the book, the WWE Universe have begun to notice the shifts in creative direction and tone.

Outside of the amazing spectacle of the SummerSlam main event, which saw Lesnar upending one corner of the ring, and Reigns ultimately standing tall, shifts elsewhere on the card have been noted. There has been a renewed emphasis on the US Title, matches that are given more time, and showcasing under-utilized talent such as Ciampa, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai, all of whom worked prominent spots on the card under Triple H in NXT.

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