Road Warrior Animal Speaks On The New Day, The Ascension, More


Road Warrior Animal recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of SI.com about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On The New Day:

“I’ll admit it, I love those guys,” said Animal. “I helped train Big E for a couple weeks in Tampa. I know those three and they’re all really good guys and very talented. For tag teams, you can’t just throw two guys together and call them a team. Hawk and I knew each other for years, we bounced in bars together. People love chemistry. That’s why the Four Horsemen were so great, and The New Day has that and that is part of the reason why they are so phenomenal.”

WWE trying to make The Ascension like the Road Warriors:

“To take two guys out of NXT and try to emulate the Road Warriors was stupid,” said Animal. “It was set up to fail from the beginning. The fans see through everything, and they saw through that right away. They never should have even mentioned us in their promo, because it backfired and they were booed. The wrestling fans sniffed this right out.”

On why he doesn’t appear at WrestleMania Axxess:

“They’ve never asked me to come sign autographs, not even once, for WrestleMania,” said Animal. “Why not use me? They call the Road Warriors the greatest tag team of all time on their website. Every year, and no offense to them, it’s the same guys—the Hillbilly Jims and Jim Duggans, who are a great asset to the company, but it seems like it’s the same guys. I’m a Hall of Famer but I’ve never been asked once. They even have my shoulders on a mannequin at their WrestleMania AXXESS, so why not have the Real McCoy? I’m not crying over spilled milk, but fans keep asking me—along with a lot of other Hall of Famers—‘Why aren’t you at AXXESS?’ But it’s not my call, and it’s their company, so that’s their choice.”

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