Rob Gronkowski Comments On A Potential Return To WWE, Teaming With Mojo Rawley


Former WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski recently spoke with TMZ Sports and commented on a possible return to WWE, who he’d like a match with, and whether he’d want to team up with Mojo Rawley. Of course, Rawley was released from WWE last year.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On what match he’d want to have: “It would definitely be a tag team match, no doubt about that. I just love the tag team aspect of everything, you know? It’s my first time so I really wouldn’t want to be on my own doing a one-on-one match, I’d be able to get help, and then grow into that role of maybe going doing a one-on-one match after a couple of tag team matches, my tag team partner can help me out with some moves, and all that good stuff. But who would it be [against]? I’m getting put on the spot. It would be pretty cool to have The Rock come back and face The Rock or have him as my tag team partner. It’d be cool to get a People’s Elbow, but it would also be cool to have him on my squad.”

On the idea of teaming with Rawley: “You and I maybe we can go back, make a quick appearance, be the Tag Team Champions, and we can go vs. The Rock, and then you know, maybe like, D-Generation X, we can bring them back we can tag team against them, that’d be pretty cool. Maybe Val Venis can come back, we can tag team, he was one of my favorites. I love the old school guys. I wouldn’t want to go for someone like The Big Show or The Undertaker. They’re just too massive dudes. I don’t like when I go [against] a guy who is bigger than me. I like to be the biggest guy.”

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