Rob Van Dam Comments On Talent Not Liking WWE’s Practices, More


During a recent appearance on Rene Dupree’s “Café de Rene” podcast, Rob Van Dam commented on his time in WWE, never feeling comfortable in the company, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On never being fully comfortable in the company: “I, for some reason, I was never real comfortable in WWE, you know?. People are like every time someone gets fired now — which I mean, it is pretty crazy how often they’ve been doing that? But the world is always shocked like, ‘Oh my god!’ I think, even when I was champion, I never felt untouchable. They humbled me so much by — you know, they give you plans. ‘We’re gonna do this…PSYCHE!’ After so much of that, I mean it humbled me to where I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m not fired? Okay, that’s cool.’”

On talent not liking WWE’s practices like that: “But some people don’t like that. Ken [last name unclear], the first time I met him, him and somebody were talking about when he got fired from WWE, and the reason they gave him? Ken goes, ‘They said I couldn’t do promos. Me! They said I couldn’t promos.’ Wow, what an ego this guy has. I can’t imagine feeling like that myself. Like, ‘They said that I’m not a good wrestler. Me, the Whole F**king Show.’ [laughter]”

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