Rob Van Dam on Returning to Impact Wrestling, Moose, and More


On his documentary Head Strong: “I am extremely proud of the movie because I know it turned out well and it was extremely personal to me as all documentaries like that should be so you come away like you really know the guy. I think I caught all of that. What surprised me is how much inspiration people got from it. When I have people tell me that it helped them get through tough things in their life and stay cool, it really opened up a new perspective for me and how to help people. I’ve done interviews where all I talk about is being in the state of deep depression. People can’t imagine that. They just think of RVD being positive all the time. People don’t want to talk about depression. People don’t want to talk about concussions. I do! I want to find a way to help it. A lot of my friends get these concussions, they get depressed, and they end their lives… I mean, a lot. Some you know and you don’t know how they went out of respect to the family. If you outlive me, I want you to tell everybody exactly how I went. What I want to do now is talk about concussions and talk about depression so we can keep the conversation going until we have something.”

On what to expect from RVD and Impact in Las Vegas on the 5th and 6th: “Everybody knows what to expect from Rob Van Dam. So, there’s no selling that unless I’ve got something like a new move like the Van Terminator… I don’t. But, I wouldn’t tell you even if I did. (laughs) I’m the local boy which is why I’m doing all the press trying to get attention to the shows.”

On returning to Vegas where he first was nationally pushed with the NWC: “It is funny you mention NWC. The promoter of the NWC was the first guy to bring me to Vegas. This was ’95. I fell in love with this city and I’ve always wanted to come here since ’95. I just moved here this year! TC Martin, do you know who that is? No? He was the promoter and he did commentary for those matches back then. He has 2 radio shows and I’m going to go and do his show in 2 hours. I can picture seeing the letters and hearing the techno music or disco music as Sabu called it. (laughs) He had all the WWF guys. Junkyard Dog, Virgil, I know he had Terry Funk, Jim Neidhart… I wrestled the Powers of Pain! Warlord and barbarian with Bobby B… Those were good times! Mick Foley… So, for me, being the young guy, it was cool for me to share the locker room with some of the guys I watched growing up. Thanks for bringing me back!”

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