Rob Van Dam Reveals Who Got Him Into Using Marijuana


During his recent episode of “WWE Icons”, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam commented on his use of marijuana and who got him to start using it. RVD said,

“It was actually 1991. I had a wrestling show in Jamaica. All the boys were so excited because the ganja was plentiful. I didn’t smoke it. I didn’t want to. But, we were all at a cabana and the boys were passing around a joint and I remember Jimmy Del Rey saying, ‘Here.’ I was like, ‘Oh. No thank you. I’m good.’ He’s like, ‘Hit it you Prima Donna it’s not going to kill you.’ I was like, oh. okay. I remember hitting it one time. Did not enjoy it. I remember staring at the wall and feeling more paranoid. ‘They’re going to say I’m stoned now. Why am I looking at the wall?’ That was my first experience. I was noticing these athletes that I look up to that are in great shape, a lot of them smoke weed. That made me think maybe I should look into it. That opened up this whole new universe.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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