Rob Van Dam Says Brock Lesnar Is ‘Good For The Business’


On the latest episode of his “1 of a Kind with RVD” podcast, Rob Van Dam discussed visiting Brock Lesnar while backstage at WWE RAW for this year’s Draft, working with Kurt Angle, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On seeing Brock Lesnar at WWE RAW for the Draft: “I saw Brock for a minute. He was leaving, you know, when I was kind of across the pass, and, I said, ‘Hey, Brock,’ you know, and said hi to him. And man, he’s bigger than I remember. He looked like a giant. Maybe he had cowboy boots on, you know, thinking about it right now. And he’s just so big and jacked. I’ve always been a fan of his because look at him, and he’s so credible and so athletic, but that really stuck out in my mind. Like, dude, I’ve always said, you know, he fits the part. He’s good for the business.”

On working with Kurt Angle: “Yeah, he kept saying that every time the other guy mentioned maybe it’s snug, he would keep you know he kept taking that bullet for me, and I’m more snug. First off Kurt is such a great wrestler and a great pro wrestler, a great athlete you know in general like he took to our business so quick from what he was doing and he’s so gifted. I liked the competitiveness of wrestling with somebody like that because it’s going to be a way different match than if I’m wrestling. Because I had that ECW spirit and fire inside of me, that really made me want to stand up to him, you know, even though he’s an Olympic hero, you know, and be like, dude, I am unbeatable right now, and that’s how I felt. I felt like, damn, nothing could touch me right now. And so I really enjoyed that. He’s gifted. He knew how to commit and that it’s really a lot about commitment.”

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