Rob Van Dam Says He Doesn’t Think A Union Would Be Good For Wrestlers


As we reported yesterday here on eWn, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has been on Twitter defending Vince McMahon and WWE after a fan brought up a segment on “John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight” where he went after WWE for classifying their Superstars as independent contractors and not providing them with health coverage. RVD continued responding to fans today, saying,

“I wonder if these geniuses realize that union members aren’t allowed to work non-union. So if WWE is SAG, and ASW at the Raleigh fair is non-union, wrestlers still couldn’t work for them. And vice versa. You know this, smarks? Where are the lines drawn? ALL Indy companies=union?


I’ve paid my SAG and AFTRA dues for 30 years. Do you think they give us insurance before we earn it? They do not. It comes as you reach a high level of income. Before you say it, top level wrestlers can be covered any way they want.”

All flights and some of my hotels were paid for. Guys with the leverage and balls to negotiate have tour buses. I was paid for an entire year off, post knee surgery-every aspect from pre-op to the therapy to the meds were taken care of by WWE.

Never afraid to have an unpopular opinion, I’d rather go down for what I believe, then stand for something I don’t. Whether that gains or loses fans has to come second. PS- The resentment for successful people shines through your words like the sun, and says a lot.”

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