Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam Says He Never Felt Comfortable In WWE


During a recent appearance on Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree, former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam revealed that he never felt comfortable during his time in WWE.

Engaging in a conversation with Dupree about what people most remember their careers for, Van Dam said the following:

“For some reason, I was never real comfortable in WWE. People are like every time someone gets fired now, I mean it is pretty crazy how often they’ve been doing that but the world is always shocked, like ‘Oh my God!'”

“But, even when I was champion I never felt untouchable, they humbled me so much. You know, they’d give you plans, “ We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this” Psyche! After it happened so much, it humbled me to where I was like ‘Oh I’m not fired? Cool.’ “

Van Dam would also go on to praise WWE later on in the podcast stating; “They can make you a star like nobody else.”

Rob Van Dam would have two full-time runs in WWE. He first joined the company as a part of The Invasion storyline. He would remain with WWE until he left in 2007. He would then return for a shorter run between 2013-2014.

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