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NewsRobbie E. Discusses TNA's New TV Deal, Compares His TNA Character vs....

Robbie E. Discusses TNA’s New TV Deal, Compares His TNA Character vs. His Real-Life, & More



In an interview with The Huffington Post, Robbie E spoke about his real life personality compared to his on air character. Here are highlights:

On TNA’s new television home: “We’re excited. I think change is good. It gets everyone talking. It’s something different for everyone involved.”

On his on air character compared to who he really is: “That Robbie E is definitely part of me. It’s definitely an extension of who I am, somewhat, but I definitely say it’s more amped up. For wrestling fans who only see Robbie as cocky, they saw a different side to me. They saw I’m a pretty positive guy, that I’m kind of funny, and I’m not that bad after all.”

On how facing The Hardys would cement them as a team: “We never really got to have them [The Hardys] in a tag match. That would be something me and Jessie would love to do, to show that we’re on their level.”

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