Robbie E On If There Is A Future For Him In WWE & Discusses Former TNA Stars Finding Success In The WWE


GFW star Robbie E recently spoke to Raj Giri of WrestlingINC and during the interview, Robbie E touched on former TNA stars going to the WWE and having success. Robbie E also answered the question of: “Is there a future for him in the WWE”.

Here are the highlights:

Possibly Going To The WWE:

 “It’s Pro Wrestling, anything can happen. I may end up fighting McGregor, maybe my wife will give me permission to go on the Bachelor just because I like the show so much.”

AJ Styles, Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode Finding Success Outside Of TNA:

“It’s not only three awesome wrestlers because they are so talented, it’s also cool because there was a time when everyone said that if you were in TNA, you would be there for life and that there is no where else to go, but it shows that there is. This goes to show how awesome Jeff Jarrett is because he helped brand them. Believe me, Jeff helped them develop their platform on Spike TV at the time and become such bigger stars. It’s awesome and am so happy for them. All three are great guys. When I first started on the road with TNA, me and Bobby Roode traveled everywhere together so I learned so much from him, I’m super happy for him.”

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