Robert Stone Makes A Dating Profile For Dexter Lumis, Hartwell & Phoenix React


WWE NXT Superstar Robert Stone took to Twitter yesterday, posting a photoshopped profile for Dexter Lumis. Beth Phoenix and Indi Hartwell quickly jumped in and said it was fake.

Stone originally said,


“I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you Indi, but I had my eyebrow threader’s good friend (who is an investigator) do a little research on your MAN and… #DexLummy is a PLAYA!!!”

Phoenix replied to his tweet, saying,

“Don’t go creating PhotoShop drama. Hate to spoil your exclusive…but we know your “investigator” is @StuBennett …and that’s what you get for having your eyebrow’s threaded at Super Cuts.”

Hartwell then said,

“Gimme the contact for your eyebrow threader, I’m due.”

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