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NewsRobert Stone vs. Xyon Quinn Set For Next Week's Episode Of WWE...

Robert Stone vs. Xyon Quinn Set For Next Week’s Episode Of WWE NXT 2.0



Robert Stone has challenged Xyon Quinn to a match on next week’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0.

Stone took to Twitter on Saturday and challenged Quinn to meet him in the ring on next Tuesday night’s episode WWE NXT 2.0. As many of you know, the two men had an altercation at Halloween Havoc.

Stone said,

“As I sit here in my movie room before I start this movie, I just want to express myself to you, Xyon Quinn, because you must think this is a joke. Based on your social media, it’s like you got joy out of almost ending Robert Stone. But here’s what you didn’t know; Robert Stone will never die. Do you understand that? I’ll never go away. That’s because I am a real star. I can sing, I can dance, I can wrestle, all better than you. I can do anything better than you which is why this Tuesday, I’m challenging you, one-on-one, mano a mano, to meet me face-to-face in the ring and we’ll see if you show up to be ended by Suit Man Stone.”

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