Rockstar Spud Calls Total Nonstop Deletion The SNL Of Pro Wrestling


Rockstar Spud talked with WZ Weekly. You can check out some of the highlights below:

On Total Nonstop Deletion: “I said to Jeremy Borash, ‘This is the Saturday Night Live of Pro Wrestling. The Star Wars Holiday Special with way more entertainment value.’ Some of the stuff that was on there. I lost my mind when Sugar Shane Helms and the Helms Dynasty became 3 Count. I just lost my mind. Some of the old school, in-jokes of so many things that were going on. It was just so entertaining. Well done to everyone involved for putting that together.”


On his loss to King Maxel at Total Nonstop Deletion: “I am happy to be a part of the show. If my role is what they wanted it to be I am more than happy to do it. You know what? What do you remember coming out of Total Nonstop Deletion? Something involving me. That’s what we want as pro wrestlers. You’re bringing it up in an interview with me right now. It’s awesome. It’s a memorable moment that will be remembered in the annuls of time. At 44 years old when that boy is 11 years old we are going to have the rematch and I am going to beat him. Or, his gardener is going to show up in his Ribera Steak House jacket and taser me.”

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