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Rockstar Spud On Losing To Matt Hardy’s Son, TNA, More


Rockstar Spud recently spoke with The Sun about his career and more. Here are the highlights.

On nearly quitting pro wrestling:

“I was going to jack it all in on my 30th birthday. I came that close to quitting. Then I got the call for TNA British boot camp in the August 2013 and we started filming in September. Back then it was impossible to be a full-time wrestler and make a living in the UK. You had to live with you mum and dad and you could just about afford to pay rent to them. I worked in a bank. I have no problem saying that I had a full-time job for my entire career until I signed for TNA. Thankfully now I have saved my money, because that was always installed in me because it won’t last forever, so I always saved and I can happily say I live in a lovely condo in Nashville, Tennessee.”

On going against bigger opponents:

“I am not afraid of anyone whether they are 6ft 4ins or not. And this is not me speaking as a wrestling character, this is real life, I don’t care how tall you are. I am just really confident with who I am, I am a man’s man but I am 5ft 4ins tall. It is really strange but I just never had any fear.”

On losing Matt Hardy’s son:

“Fans will say ‘Oh my god, they are burying Rockstar Spud’. But if you have seen me on TV the then I am not buried at all. I am on television. If I wasn’t on television then I would be buried. Plus, my name is James Michael Curtin and I play a character called Rockstar Spud who is a weasely, little, whiney bad guy who deserves everything he gets. Rockstar Spud deserves losing to a one-year-old. Do I have a problem playing a weasely little bad guy losing to a one-year-old? Absolutely not. What do you want me to do next?”

Rockstar Spud also discussed UK wrestling scene and more. You can read the full interview here.

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