Rockstar Spud Reveals Jeff Jarrett’s Role & Talks About The Creative Team


Rockstar Spud spoke with WZ Radio, and you can see some of the highlights down below:

On what the creative team is like in TNA now that Anthem is in control: “The creative team was the same. They did a very good job. I think at the last tapings some of the stuff that you are going to see was so good. We ended the tapings with a ‘Service of Matrimony’ so to speak. A ‘Wedding’ if you may. Nothing beats a wrestling wedding but just wait til you see it. I’m not going to tell you what’s going to happen or what you are going to see but you just wait. That was some of the best, probably the best wrestling wedding I’ve seen. I want to put full praise on the newest member of our creative team Madison Rayne for what an exceptional job she did in putting that all together. When you are new to a creative process and whatnot you’ve obviously got certain things that you want to prove and everything like that. I thought it was one of the best pieces of business I’ve ever seen or been involved with.”

On whether anything was different backstage: “The only differences were that Double J was backstage obviously helping Ed transition into his new role as the President of the company. Also Dutch Mantel was backstage as an advisor. I worked extensively with Dutch along with Aron Rex during that week. I’ve got a man with nearly forty years experience to pick the brain of. Awesome. I’m a student of the game and I absolutely love talking to Dutch.”

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