Rocky Romero Comments On Potential Ego Issues Between AEW, NJPW, & Impact


During a recent interview with Wrestling Perspective, Rocky Romero commented on potential ego issues between NJPW, AEW, and Impact Wrestling, and more. He said,

“I think the pandemic has changed things. At least you would think here in this moment where the world has just taken a f***ing beating, that like here’s a great moment to put the ego aside, put the other things aside, and lets just to work together so that we can continue to feed all our families and give back to the fans who are going through a tough time. I think that’s what is really kind of important.


“Maybe that kind of sounds sappy in a way, but I think that that’s really the truth. Here’s a moment where we can actually do things to help each other instead of going the other way because there’s always going to be the big guy in the corner always consistently watching us and trying to screw all of us over. So why not be cool with each other because there’s always the other guy who’s just gonna be ready to pounce at any second and wants us to fail.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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