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Rocky Romero Describes The Good Brothers Going Back To WWE As A ‘Stressful Situation’



The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) made their return to WWE several months ago.

Their return was a ‘stressful situation’ for Rocky Romero as they were still working with New Japan Pro Wrestling when they returned to WWE.

Anderson is still the NEVER Openweight Champion and is scheduled to defend the belt at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

Romero joined Renée Paquette on The Sessions podcast, where he recounted how stressful of a situation for him to navigate as a representative of New Japan. He said,

“It’s been a very stressful situation for me [The Good Brothers returning to WWE]. Obviously, when the guys started talking about WWE reached out to them, I of course started to get nervous because we had a bunch of dates set and everything and obviously, like you [Renee Paquette] said, Anderson was the NEVER Openweight Champion. I got worried and I said, ‘You know, you guys just don’t screw me over please. I was part of the reason you guys came back’ and helped to, you know? Obviously, they left on good terms and everything but just to bring them back was definitely a part of that so, we started talking about that but then finally he was like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna sign and somebody’s gonna have to talk to WWE.’ So of course that means me having to talk to WWE. But I got on the line and obviously, there was some confusion on the dates that they were gonna actually do and there was that November 5th show that Anderson had already been announced for-for New Japan but then was also the same time that the Saudi Arabia show was going on. Obviously, there was gonna be conflict right there so that’s kind of how it started. It started off real rocky and he went and did Saudi, we figured it out, we got a new date and then just decided to turn it into a big angle because I thought that was probably the best way to deal with it. Hoping that everything was gonna work out but not really sure. Finally, he went and did this last show a couple days ago and successfully defended the title so now he’ll be at the Tokyo Dome to face Tama Tonga which is really exciting so, dude, this Tokyo Dome is gonna be insane. We have a WWE wrestler in Karl Anderson, we have Kenny Omega who’s an AEW wrestler, we’ve got STARDOM wrestlers on the show, we’ve got New Japan wrestlers. 

“I’ve heard a lot of rumors [about who could show up at the Tokyo Dome] but I don’t really — I cannot confirm nor deny at this moment. But you know, fingers crossed that — you never know what could happen. Definitely will be some surprises at the Tokyo Dome.”

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