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NewsRocky Romero Foresees "Pretty Wild" Years Ahead For Pro Wrestling

Rocky Romero Foresees “Pretty Wild” Years Ahead For Pro Wrestling



Rocky Romero is back in the news today, as more snippets from his appearance on The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish have come out.

Yesterday, Romero detailed the reactions backstage to the departure of AJ Styles and The Good Brothers from NJPW, which was a seismic shift in the landscape.

Today’s news focuses on a similar shift, as Romero discusses the current state of affairs in pro graps, ranging from the shakeups in WWE to the growth of AEW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

How Romero sees the current state of pro wrestling: “It’s crazy to see where the business is now. The formation of AEW in the last couple of years, and where it is and where WWE is, especially now with what’s going on with Vince being out and Triple H is in. And I feel like the next like two years of wrestling is going to be pretty wild. You know, because there is definitely going to increase, I think, the competition because obviously like Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon], and they need to kind of like make it their WWE now.”

What he thinks will happen between AEW and WWE: “AEW and Tony Khan are still figuring out what making AEW is going to be. There is going to be some major competition between both companies.”

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