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NewsRocky Romero On Criticism Of New NJPW STRONG Women’s Title, Chavo Guerrero/WWE

Rocky Romero On Criticism Of New NJPW STRONG Women’s Title, Chavo Guerrero/WWE



New Japan Pro Wrestling recently introduced a new STRONG Women’s Championship, and fans were swift to criticize the new title.

In a recent interview with “Comedy Store Wrestling,” Rocky Romero weighed in on the latest criticisms. He said,

“The first-ever STRONG Women’s Championship, which is like an American championship. I’ve been reading the boards and Twitter and people talking about this and it’s been controversial in the fact, ‘Why is New Japan making another women’s championship.’ It seems like everyone was complaining two years ago that there wasn’t a championship, there wasn’t a division, ‘where is the representation?’”

“Now, we’ve got two championships, one headline in Japan and now the STRONG Women’s Championship. We’re trying to give women that representation and give them a great place to show professional wrestling. I don’t really understand where all the controversy is coming from.”

The inaugural STRONG Women’s Champion will be crowned at the NJPW Resurgence pay-per-view event on May 21.

Former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero recently criticized WWE’s practice of rewriting history. Speaking with Bill Apter for a new interview, Chavo addressed WWE’s well-known strategy to rewrite events to benefit themselves. He said,

“WWE rewrites — and this is not a bitter thing, just saying what it is — they rewrite wrestling history to really benefit WWE. Let’s say the NFL … the NFL, I don’t care if a player is in a lawsuit with the NFL, or there’s an issue with the player, if that player is deserving of being in the Hall of Fame, they put him in the Hall of Fame.”

“WWE will only put wrestlers in the Hall of Fame that they are still on good terms with. It’s not like they’re putting people … well some people turn them down, of course. But WWE rewrites wrestling history a little bit to benefit them. That’s just … everybody knows that. Anybody who’s in the business kind of sees that.”

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