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Rocky Romero Reveals How The Talks For AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door Began



During a recent appearance on the “Instinct Culture with Denise Salcedo” podcast, Rocky Romero revealed that he sent a text message to AEW President Tony Khan to get the ball rolling for the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view event.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how talks for Forbidden Door started: “I think, now nobody get mad at me (laughs) if my memory doesn’t serve me well. I think that I sent a text to Tony {Khan} and said, I think it would be cool if somehow we can figure out how to do some kind of joint event’ and then it just kinda started from there. Then he immediately had ideas about what we could do card wise, honestly starting with (Kazuchika) Okada, Jay (White), Hangman (Page), I am not sure if (Adam) Cole was in the picture at that time, or if he came later. But that was already kind of an idea, so it’s funny that it worked out that way, all the way to Forbidden Door. This conversation was like 10 months ago or so I would say. Kinda a ways away. I think that’s kinda how it started and then it just snowballed… So I wanna say 10 months ago, it started with that text.”

On communicating between both sides: “I just went back and forth between AEW and New Japan and tried to be sensible and try to be the one to communicate what the ideas were but also sentiment and overall what the show needed. Whether it be, ‘we need more of this or we need more of this and let’s not forget about American fans or Japanese fans we need to cater to them this way.’ Kinda really trying to break that down, so that both sides could understand two completely different ways of doing business. The AEW model is obviously a traditional American TV model whereas New Japan is more of a Japanese tour based model so it’s very different, the way they booked shows and do things. So I had to explain that on both sides.”

On how Kenny Omega helped repair the AEW/NJPW relationship: “Since the New Japan/AEW relationship was kinda on ice, when the Elite guys had exited New Japan and there was kind of a worry of how they were gonna go forward, and our president at the time didn’t really see the potential in maybe working with AEW. We already had partners in ROH, CMLL, so maybe they were thinking, ‘let’s see how this AEW thing works out before jumping into it, so we don’t offend our partners.’ Obviously those guys had left ROH too, so it was a very messy and complicated situation. Now jumping forward to I would say, a year and a half ago when Kenny (Omega) called me and had pitched the idea of kind of opening the doors a little bit. Obviously Moxley and Jericho were still working with New Japan. But Kenny and the Bucks were a pivotal, important part of New Japan prior to AEW, and they’re EVPs, so they hold a lot of power. Not wanting to forget about them completely, we had to open the relationship and Kenny kind of opened that and said ‘hey I have this idea of KENTA coming into AEW and working with Moxley since they already had a storyline’ and that’s kinda where everything started. Going forward I’ve always kinda been in between AEW and New Japan since that day and I just continued on.”

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