Rocky Romero Reveals What His First Singles Title In ROH Would Mean To Him, More


During the latest edition of the ROH Strong Podcast, Rocky Romero commented on the Pure Title tournament, and more:

On what it would mean to him to win a singles title in ROH: “It would mean the world to me [to win the title]. I’ve done the tag stuff for so long with so many different partners that I just feel like winning a really major singles title would be like the icing on the cake for me. I feel like maybe all the hard work that I put in, 20-plus years, that it would just all culminate into that one moment, that one title. It would be something that would be mega to me.”


On not getting a shot at the title during its original run: “I should’ve. That was somebody’s bad. I think I would’ve been great at it. That was my stuff. … [But] I’m fortunate and grateful that I get the opportunity now. It’s something that I was interested in when I was a young man. It went away. I started doing other stuff. … And then to have it come into your life and it’s presented to you, especially during this time, it’s like, ‘OK, cool, now I need to prepare for this. I need to get in the right mental state. I need to do what I can physically in the short amount of time to get into shape and treat it like if it’s [Mike] Tyson’s comeback. For me, it feels like that.”

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