Rocky Romero & Ricky Reyes Discuss Hitting Colt Cabana In The Face After Surgery


During the latest edition of the “Talk’n Shop” podcast, Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes commented on the match between the Havana Pitbulls against The Second City Saints (CM Punk & Colt Cabana) at ROH Testing the Limits 2004, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Rocky Romero on hitting Colt Cabana in the face after he got Lasik surgery, thinking it was a rib: “Cabana got eye surgery, Lasik surgery, and this motherf*cker had these Kurt Rambis goggles on, he just showed up to the show. We were sitting by the ring before the show and were like, ‘where’s Cabana?’ Cabana shows up a minute or two later and he’s wearing these goggles. I just start laughing and popping because I thought he was f*cking around and was like, ‘Why the f*ck are you wearing these goggles?’ He’s like, ‘Alright guys, don’t hit me in the face. I’m wearing these goggles, my eyes are f*cked up because I got this surgery.’ I thought he was joking. We put the match together and do this whole thing, we get in the match and the first punch we throw is right between the eyes. He just starts freaking out. He starts yelling at us, ‘You motherf*ckers, you hit me right in the face.’ I’m like, ‘what are you talking about? You’re wearing these stupid ass goggles, I thought that’s what you wanted.’ ‘No! I shoot can’t get hit in the face, these are to protect my eyes.’ I was like, ‘You’re always f*cking around. I thought you were kidding and ribbing us.’ It was really to protect his eyes. Me and Reyes were punching him right between the eyes. We thought he was joking the whole time because he would do stupid and funny sh*t like that. We thought he was being a jokester and pulling our chain.”


Reyes also believing it was a joke: “I don’t remember him saying about the surgery. I literally thought it was being funny and Colt being Colt. You kicked him right in the eyes with your toe and he starts swinging from the ground, like legit. In my mind, I’m like, ‘Is he throwing real punches? What the f*ck is wrong with him?’ I grabbed onto him and he’s like, ‘What the f*ck?’ I didn’t get it until afterward. He put his arms around us and was like, ‘It’s alright.’ I was so confused the whole night.”

Reyes on what he thinks happened: “I think he told Punk and Punk just didn’t tell us to be funny. The match wasn’t good. Punk wanted the stupid Midnight Express finish with the clothesline, holding the guy. One of us was trying to do a small package and the partner was holding him. I clotheslined Punk right in the face as hard as I could and then roll up, one, two, three. We came to the back and he’s like, ‘My bad, bad call on the finish.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, that was stupid, what did you do that for?’ The match was not good.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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