Roddy Piper’s Final Interview Discussing The Current Talent Pool, The Rock & More – Video


In what is believed to be his final interview before he passed away, Roddy Piper spoke with Girls and Corpses Magazine on the set of his horror film The Chair. Check out the video and highlights below:

On WWE’s current talent: “They all are very, very kind. Anyone that answers the bell, I have all the respect in the world for them. They all…I was the youngest in the world in history when I started, 15. That’s illegal now. They all know that, and they give me kindness and I appreciate that. I love them.”


On The Rock showing him respect at WrestleMania: “During his [Rock’s] tenure, I wasn’t there at that time, he came up to me, I think it was the last WrestleMania. He comes and hugs me and says, ‘I want to pay my respects, you were my hero when I was a kid, you were the original gangster.’”

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