Roddy Piper’s New Film, Eric Young’s Show, Corino Note


STYD is reporting that Roddy Piper is set to appear in a new slasher (horror) film, Smothered, alongside Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th) and Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects). The three play themselves as they are hired to haunt a trailer park. They soon discover that there is an actual maniac stalking them. John Schneider will direct the film, which is set to shoot in Louisiana.

— Steve Corino is set for an appearance at the Charlotte Knights baseball game tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina to promote Premier Wrestling Xperience. Click here for more details.

— Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest announced that TNA’s DOC vs. TNA’s Gunner and ROH’s Davey Richards vs. ROH’s Michael Elgin are set for the live events at the convention, which takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina in August. For more information, click here.

— Eric Young’s Off The Hook: Extreme Catches on Animal Planet will have its second season bow on Sunday at 3PM ET. The first two episodes of the eighteen-episode second season will run back-to-back, with a marathon of the first season beginning at 3PM ET.

The new episodes will replay at 11PM ET as well.

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