Roderick Strong Comments on 10 Years of EVOLVE, NXT, and More


During a recent interview with WWE.com, WWE NXT Superstar Roderick Strong commented on next weekend’s EVOLVE live events, NXT, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his EVOLVE 10th Anniversary being a homecoming show for him: “It definitely feels the same. It’s a big deal to come back and wrestle the future of wrestling, because that’s what EVOLVE is. So, to test them and be back in the old position of gatekeeper in a sense, feels good.”

On what comes to mind when he thinks of EVOLVE’s 10th anniversary: “It makes me feel old [laughs]. I felt like a kid when EVOLVE started. EVOLVE has given a lot of guys opportunities that now work for WWE and wrestle all over the world. It also gives them a chance to face people from all over the world. It’s going to be a very special night and I’m excited that it’s going to be broadcasted on the WWE Network. That’s huge for all those guys that don’t wrestle here to get a chance to show the world exactly who they are and why they’re in EVOLVE.”

On hiw prepared he is for his match with Anthony Henry at EVOLVE 129: “This is a most interesting match for me because I wrestled Anthony Henry a few years ago – one of my last shows before I came to WWE was for PWX, an independent company in North Carolina. He was young, hungry and talented then, but rough around the edges. So, I’m very excited to see the improvements he’s made. I’ve been hearing his name a lot on the indies, doing some good stuff. Let’s see if his system doesn’t get a little shocked when he steps in the ring with me.”

On his match with Austin Theory at EVOLVE 130: “I’m excited to finally have him to myself. He has no opportunity to run away from me, and that’s something that happens a lot in three-way battles, where it’s easy to stay away from whomever you would like to and then kind of pick at certain situations and capitalize on them. Austin Theory’s young, super-talented and thinks he’s the cat’s meow. But I’m just going to punish him. It’s going to be pretty funny to see his eyes after the first few minutes when he realizes that there’s nowhere to run. I’m going to humble that young man. It’s different if you could talk it and back it up like The Undisputed ERA does. But Austin’s just not on that level. He thinks he is, but like I said it’s going to be a very humbling experience for him.”

On how important wearing all the gold in NXT is for the Undisputed Era: “It’s the main focus. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. I like to say that at some point, you’ll say in the history of wrestling there’s nobody better than The Undisputed ERA. We’re going to do exactly what we said we’re going to do, and that’s become champions. We all will be wearing championship gold and it’s going to be a beautiful sight.”

On what fans can expect for the EVOLVE shows this weekend: “People know what to expect from me. When it comes to Roderick Strong, you’re going to get everything that I have in my being, and there will be fights that will be like no other fights of the night. I love coming back and seeing how far everyone’s grown. These are two can’t-miss events. Plus, you get to come out and take pictures at the meet-and-greets and do the UE sign with me, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Nothing better than that.”

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