Roderick Strong Interview – Talks About Therapy Segment, Dexter Lumis


Roderick Strong was interviewed by the Daily DDT where he spoke about his therapy segment on NXT, working with Dexter Lumis and Kyle O’Reily.

Therapy Segments:


“The therapy thing was something I tossed out there because I thought it’d be fun. Just the characters’ interactions. It’s shown a different side of me. It’s just so, so fun and with us being able to do something like that and getting the reaction that it did opens the door for us to do more stuff like that. It’s fun, man. With those guys, it’s always fun and it’s so easy. Everything is just so easy. We’ve been together collectively for over two years, but them over three years and we’re just scratching the surface and there’s so much fun stuff we’re going to be able to do. That’s what’s very unique with us as a group is that we go in there, put on the best match of the night and make you laugh or entertain you in a different manner. It doesn’t matter. That’s the common goal among all us is just to have fun.”

Working with Kyle O’Reily:

“We all miss Kyle. When we teamed for that period of time that Bobby [Fish] was out, Kyle and I got extremely close. He’s an integral part of us, the fearsome foursome. We’re all good individually and any combination of three is good, but it’s never better than when the four of us are together. It’s funny because when it comes to the therapy thing, I said, ‘Kyle has got to be the therapist.’ The way it all worked out with me not knowing it was him was fantastic. He’s just so good at all that stuff. He’s amazing. Any way we can find to get him on screen, we have. Hopefully soon [that he’ll be back]. WWE has been extremely cautious with making sure everyone is as safe as they possibly can be and looking out for someone like Kyle because he’s diabetic and being extra, extra, extra safe with him and we appreciate that as his friends and I know he really appreciates it. I think we’ll be seeing him sooner than later.”

Working With Dexter Lumis:

“As a performer, just in general, it’s nice to do something different. It’s not something I’ve ever had to do in my career. It’s a very unique experience and part of the reason why I came to WWE because you get put in positions you normally wouldn’t be put in if you’re out in the indies or even in Ring of Honor. The challenge is fantastic to make it something that the people enjoy and I can enjoy and build this whole thing together with someone that I wouldn’t normally work with. It’s been a unique experience and a very fun one.”

Credit: 411Mania

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