ROH Announces A New Authority Figure – Details


Ring of Honor announced at the TV tapings over the weekend that Nigel McGuinness is now their Authority Figure and Official Matchmaker. According to the article, the episode that features McGuinness taking his new role will begin airing on ROH television on November 17th.

You can check out the ROH announcement below:

As seen by the fans in attendance Saturday night in Belle Vernon, PA at the last “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV tapings of 2012, there is a new authority figure in place here in ROH and he is truly a man who understands the intricacies of Ring of Honor. He was the longest reigning Pure Champion in history prior to the belt being unified with the World Title, he is the 2nd longest reigning World Champion in ROH history, and since the launch of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV last year, has served as the color commentator alongside Kevin Kelly. He is none other than sure-fire ROH Hall of Famer Nigel McGuinness!

To see exactly how this landmark announcement came about, you must tune into the November 17th edition of ROH TV (click here for listing & air times), but here is a summary of the events from Saturday night in Pittsburgh:

Jay & Mark Briscoe came out to the ring at the start of the event and called out the entire locker room to join them. The majority came out and surrounded the ring while Jay pointed out just who was out there at the moment and who was not. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin were not in attendance because, as Jay said “they’re a**holes”, Jay Lethal wasn’t out there because of his problems with management, problems that are a big part of the reason why all of this is happening in the first place, and of course, the members of S.C.U.M were not at ringside either.

Jay went on to talk about how Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, and Jimmy Jacobs think it’s cool to knock ROH and how they do have their followers who also knock Ring of Honor. He said if you knock ROH then you knock the Briscoes because we have been here since Day 1. If you knock ROH then you knock everyone around the ring and everyone who helped build the company like Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Austin Aries, and anyone else who has killed themselves for this company over the years. He said ROH is THE symbol of excellence in pro wrestling, that it sets the standard, has the best wrestlers on the planet, and that they are not going to stand by and watch people like S.C.U.M and the haters try to tear it down.

Jay continued by saying that he heard that Jim Cornette was looking to name a new Authority Figure to take his spot as match maker. He and Mark drove to Louisville and told Cornette that his passion is what ROH is all about BUT there needs to be a change. There needs to be somebody in his spot that can get things done and the Briscoes had somebody in mind for the spot.

Jay told Jim that there was a locker room meeting and all of the roster agreed on one man to take on that responsibility. He then introduced the new Authority Figure and Official Match Maker as Nigel McGuiness!

Nigel explained that his goal is to clean up the problems around ROH and work towards restoring honor! Wasting no time, he then went on to announce the first 2 matches for “Final Battle 2012” on December 16th and if you haven’t heard yet, we will officially confirm those bouts in the next few days right here at!

This is definitely the biggest shake up in some time here in ROH and you will not want to miss the episodes of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV leading up to “Final Battle 2012”!!!


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