ROH Relaunching Their Dojo, Eve’s Website, Jackson/SD


— The second edition of the WWE Encyclopedia is now scheduled to be released on November 19, 2012, according to The 400-page book was originally scheduled to be released on September 3.

— Eve Torres has launched a store at She notes, “I created Shop Eve to connect and share special items and memories with my loyal fans. All photographs and specialty items are individually signed. The article products are all items I’ve worn in actual matches, photo shoots, or special milestones in my career. I hope you enjoy your purchases, and please send your feedback regarding items you would like to see in the store to [email protected]!”

— Ezekiel Jackson noted on Twitter that he will be not on hand for tonight’s SmackDown taping in Bakersfield, California.

— Ring of Honor has announced via press release that the ROH Dojo will begin new classes the week of October 22nd under head trainer Delirious. The school is described as being “for people with all levels of experience in professional wrestling” and includes those seeking to compete in the ring or be referees, valets and managers.

The press release lists the following areas that training will cover:

* Emphasis on the fundamentals

* Drills

* Conditioning and weight training

* Ring psychology

* Development of timing and positioning

* Continuous evaluation

* Advice on character development

* Assistance with promos

* Etiquette


Training at the dojo costs a $900 down payment and $350 per month, for a total of $3000. Those seeking to pay it all on the first day will pay $2650 due to a discount.

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