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NewsROH Star Reveals The Differences In How Vince McMahon & Tony Khan...

ROH Star Reveals The Differences In How Vince McMahon & Tony Khan Greet Talent



During a recent appearance on the “Shining Wizards” podcast, ROH star Caprice Coleman commented on the differences between the way Vince McMahon and Tony Khan greet talents backstage, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On backstage meeting with Vince McMahon and his recent interactions with Tony Khan: “I think the thing I like about Tony Khan, and I’ve only met him a couple times, and the first time I met him, I hope he doesn’t remember. Because I was at AEW, just there in the back or whatever, and I saw him and I’m always one to introduce myself to somebody. I’m expecting him to do the Vince McMahon thing. Like Vince McMahon is one where you say ‘hey how you doing?’ And he just speaks to you to let you know he’s speaking to you but also lets you know he’s doing you a favor. But Tony Khan, when I spoke to him and I said, ‘Hey I’m Caprice Coleman. Nice to meet you,’ he stops and put his hands in his pockets like he wants to have a conversation and in my head, I’m like, ‘that’s really all I had to say.’ I didn’t have anything after that (laughs).

“So I’m just standing there like, ‘Yeah man, I’m just introducing myself to you.’ I don’t even know what I said after that. He was like ‘Good, man. Nice to meet you.’ And he kind of pats me on my arm or whatever and was like I hope to see you around. And I was like I blew that one because I wasn’t expecting him to be that way.”

On the recent SuperCard of Honor pay-per-view and if it felt like an ROH show: “It did Especially the main event (Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido). And then some of the guys like Jay Lethal who was eager to make sure he worked on the show. It did feel like a Ring of Honor show. And it did feel like Tony added some spice to it, because there were some people he wanted to use. The Chavo (Guerrero) thing was awesome. Chavo and I are good friends, and even the Tully Blanchard stuff was good with me because Khan was part of it, and Khan is part of Ring of Honor to us.

“The additions that were there weren’t anything that made me feel like this isn’t Ring of Honor. I think that’s one thing Tony wanted to make sure he did. He didn’t want to change it to the point that it’s not recognizable. He still wants it to be Ring of Honor, and he doesn’t want it to turn into a subsidiary as far as like, these people can’t make it on TV, so we’ll put them here. It’s a style that he wants, and if you don’t have that style, then you’re not there. That’s what I respect about him.”

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