Roman Reigns: ‘Joe and Roman are Meshing Again’


Roman Reigns send shock waves through the Wrestling world last Autumn when he announced that due to leukemia, he would be stepping away from the world of WWE. In that emotional speech, he referred to himself as Joe, his real name, and provided a very raw look into his life.

Now, Roman is back. In a new interview with SportBIBLE, Roman says that this first angle with The Shield is kind of like the re-merging of Joe, the man with Roman, the character:

“In a lot of ways Joe and Roman are meshing again. You take the whole storyline with Roman and the Shield, and then you take me in real life, those are my brothers, man. Those are some of my closest co-workers, my real life brothers.
To go through something like I did and have those insecurities, those doubts, and be able to come back to something that you love and lean on the brothers that helped you get there, I think it’s kind of fitting.”

Roman Reigns also opened up as to why he’s not immediately trying to challenge for the Universal Championship he never lost:

“I have nothing going on at this point but I definitely don’t see myself in the title picture. Anyone other than Seth, I would have been busting up to regain that Universal championship but I have a deep respect for Seth’s career and the journey he’s been on so nobody’s rooting for him more than me.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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